Frieren: Beyond Journey's End - Episode 21 Review (contained spoiler)

Frieren: Beyond Journey's End - Episode 21 Review (contained spoiler)

Episode 21 of Frieren: Beyond Journey's End is easily one of my top favorite episodes. It's action-packed with not a single moment of dragging, and we finally get to witness the reveal of the great mage, Serie!

The episode begins with a flashback of Frieren's past, as Flamme officially introduces Frieren to her master, Serie the mage.

The story then transitions to the intense fight scene between Frieren's party and Denken's party. A brief flashback from the past shows when Serie asked Frieren which spell she desired to have. Serie was not exactly impressed when Frieren replied she doesn't need any.

In the next scene, we switch back to the battle between Lawine & Kanne vs Richter. Due to mage level differences and natural obstacles, Lawine can only be on defense, and Kanne is unable to utilize her spell due to the lack of water in their surroundings.

From Frieren's side, it becomes evident from the start that Denken is overpowered by the attacking force from Frieren and her nearly unlimited mana. From what we learned from the previous episode, attack and defense cannot be cast simultaneously; the mage has to switch between attack and defense. The fact that Frieren was able to initiate a quick attack while casting protection during constant bombardment was very impressive. There are just so many small details in this fight scene. I think this may be our first time seeing Frieren physically beat up someone by literally stepping on Denken's butt. The soundtrack during this battle scene is absolutely fantastic. I can't wait for the full release of the soundtrack album.

While the battle rages on, we learn from Genau and Sense that Serie set up the magical barrier in the Arena. The barrier is supposed to be so powerful that it can withstand any magic attack, and there was a rumor of an unknown individual secretly analyzing its structure (Frieren). After retrieving Stille from Laufen, Frieren proceeds to cast a spell that breaks the barrier, surprising everyone, including Serie! The soundtrack in the background adds to the intensity.

With the barrier broken, Kanne seizes the opportunity to effortlessly defeat Richter with her water spell. It's safe to say that Richter hates water just as much as Anakin Skywalker hates sand. For a brief moment, we see Frieren jump away as the water floods in—a super cute and subtle moment.

Richter and Laufen are convinced they've failed the exam, having exhausted their mana completely. Denken convinces the team to push forward, only to discover a standalone team that secured a Stille but lost a member. Unexpectedly, Denken slowly approaches the mage and engages in a fistfight, adding another subtle yet funny moment to this episode.

The scene shifts back to Fern's team taking shelter in a cave from the downpouring rain. Ubel asks Fern about other spells she can perform. Fern mentions a spell that allows her to see through clothing. The scene suddenly cuts, showing Ubel immediately shifting her body completely away from Fern's line of sight and giving her a disgusted look. The cut is well-done, funny, and subtle.

The episode concludes with the cadre explaining to the remaining teams that passed the first test of the Tier 1 mage exam. We see Frieren giving an "interesting" glance to someone (possibly Fern?). Not exactly sure what this expression could mean, but more to find out in the next episode.

Overall, another 10/10 episode. On a side note, the voice cast for Serie is perfect. I love her lines and personality, even though this is her first official debut. Interestingly, from the first opening scene, she symbolizes a great contrast compared to Frieren. Frieren has no real ambitions; instead of chasing absolute power from magic, she enjoys the process of exploration and study. Personally, I think Serie really "liked" her, perhaps due to their day and night differences in personality, but that's why they are separated from each other. I can't wait to discover more about their characters in the next arc!

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